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Almenu is built for your ease. Upgrade your restaurant menu into its digital version by following these super-simple 4 steps:

  • 1


    Enter authentic details about your business in the sign-up form. Almenu ensures your privacy by keeping your information completely safe.

  • 2

    Prepare your Digital Menu

    Upload your existing menu in PDF format or create a new digital menu from scratch using our easy-to-use Menu Creation service.

  • 3

    Download QR code

    Simply, download the QR code that directly leads to your menu without having to download or install any app.

  • 4

    Print & Display

    Print your QR code; hang it on the main wall, put it on the tables, drive-thru, or anywhere it catches the eye of your customers and you are done.


See Almenu in Action

Easy, Simple, and Free
Go Digital Now!

With its futuristic Digital Menu creation services, Almenu helps your brand become a trendsetter in the town.

Packed with amazing features

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized for future
  • Upload your existing menu or create a new one
Create your Digital Menu Now!

Works on
your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, MacBook, and Laptop

Almenu is meant to help you by creating a digital menu for you anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can easily create yours without having to download/install any app. No technical knowledge is required. Only sign-up and you are ready to get your digital menu right away!

Almenu is the finest Digital Menu creation app and YES, WE ARE FREE!

  • FREE to Create, EASY to Set up

    Create your Digital Menu with Almenu and instantly get a downloadable QR code of your menu. Being able to download and print QR codes is just another luxury; fruitful for you and your customers. Download the QR code, get it printed and place it somewhere it catches the eyes of your customers, with no hustle at all.

  • Promotes Contactless Engagement with your Customers

    Whether you are running a fast-delivery restaurant, casual cafe, or a full-time dining and take-away place, Almenu can accelerate contactless engagement with your customers.

  • Makes the Ordering process Super-Easy

    Your customers can instantly access the menus without having to download/install any app. They only have to scan the QR code that redirects them to a user-friendly webpage with your whole menu.

  • Get One-Step Ahead

    By opening doors to a simple lightning-fast way of Order Placing, make your restaurant stand out from the crowd.

  • Reliable Post-COVID Solution

    Ensure your customers & staff that you have taken a step towards their safety by operating with a digital menu.

  • Create, Update & Monitor

    Our easy-to-access and user-friendly interface allows you to create, update & monitor your menus in a smooth finger touch process.

  • Offer Special Deals

    Offer exclusive deals for different occasions without worrying about the time-consuming editing, designing, & printing menus process.

  • Invest in what matters

    Digital menus eliminate designing & paper-printing costs each time you update/distribute your menu, allowing you to increase your overall ambiance!

  • Free, Now & Ever

    Enjoy the luxury of a digital menu at no cost. Almenu offers a transparent setup with no hidden/apparent charges. NO credit card required!

Have an insider look at Almenu

Make yourself comfortable by looking at some screenshots of our app!

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  • Unlimited sections/items
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